Case Studies


Case studies

“The best training in 19 years he had ever received in our company. It’s pretty sweet.”

Chicka Elloy
Senior Director, Strategic Talent Management

“Through game-based learning, we have achieved excellent results, which is what we have always sought to do in two complex areas such as productivity and ‘engagement’ of the employee.”

Juan Tinoco
HR Director de LG Spain

“The response to the course has been very positive, to the point where we have identified cases in which the employee has invested time of his private life to complete the training.”

Miklos Szaszkay
HR SSO Learning & Development Lead

"Many people tell us that they were able to put everything that they learned into practice in real situations and that this has helped them enormously in their everyday lives."

Sébastien Ioannitis-McColl
Business Competitiveness Counselor

"Training nowadays, in the digital age, requires innovation. Not just innovation for its own sake, but with a goal in mind. And games work. Working with Gamelearn for the past six years has brought us many things, and we want this to continue."

Carlos Rubio
raining and Development Manager

"Gamification provides a better way to capture the attention of students, particularly for the more boring aspects of the training."

Carlos Gallardo Flores
Training Director

“From the point of view of effectiveness and efficiency, the training experience is extraordinary.”

Scherezade Miletich
Director of Development área

“We can provide something both fun and modern to adventure a litle further into the digital era, instead of just offering a classroom training.”

Sabrina Robin
CAP Coordinator

“This initiative has engaged our employees and it has really proven to be attractive to them; that is why it has been a success.”

Luis Sagí-Vela
Training & Development Manager

“Competing and playing bring out the best in you. And by bringing out the best in you, you assimilate the information better and then you use it in your day-to-day work.”

José Miguel Mejías
Debt Collection Director

“The training experience is spectacular. I have seen it change behaviors and conducts within my company.”

Daniel Ferreiro
HR Director

“Gamelearn has the value of other e-learning platforms, but with added elements of competition among players, engagement and personalized feedback. Overall, it is an enhanced version of these e-learning platforms.”

Carlos Molinero
Director of Human Resources

“People enjoyed it. While you're having fun, you're also unconsciously soaking in what you're reading and the tools that the game is giving you. We covered a lot of ground in just a short period of time.”

Betsy Ninco
Skill development manager

“From an L&D perspective, we wanted higher learner participation and to cater to the immediate business need of negotiation upskilling.”

Aditi Sharma
Learning and Development Lead

“One of the biggest challenges is finding and retaining talent with attractive learning methods within Dometic. In order to do that, you don’t only need a variety of topics, but also a wide range of methods. Reading a PDF document can no longer be the only learning technique.”

Kerstin Klockenbrink
Head of Dometic Academy

“I’ve tried other game-based learning products, but the way that Gamelearn captures your interest is very hard to match.”

Urmila Mukherjee
Training and Development Manager

“Unlike previous training programs, with Gamelearn’s solutions we have never had to promote online training to employees.”

Yolanda Otero
Head of Leadership Training and Knowledge Management

“After 12 years of experience and a lot of online programs, I have yet to see something as good as Merchants.”

Andrew Bunn
Training & Development Manager

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