Man Truck Game-based learning Case Study


“The advantage of using this methodology is that, besides helping us develop the knowledge and the skills, it allows us to have an impact on the employee motivation in a fast, fun, innovative and different way. That is absolutely fundamental.”

Virginia Sánchez, Training and Development Manager at MAN Truck & Bus Iberia

CompanyMAN Truck & Bus Iberia is the largest subsidiary of the MAN SE corporation and one of the leading international providers of commercial vehicles with more than 470 employees only in Spain.
TrainingMotivation in the Workplace Through a Video Game
Skills DevelopedTime management, personal productivity, work-life balance, steady focus, change management, drive to deliver results, planning and organizing, tolerance to pressure, decision-making and teamwork
Program2015 – 84 trained employees
Serious GamesMerchants, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Serious Game
Triskelion, Serious Game on Time Management and Personal Productivity


MAN Truck & Bus is the largest subsidiary of the MAN SE corporation and one of the leading international providers of commercial vehicles.

MAN Truck & Bus manufactures trucks in weight categories from 7.49 to 44 tonnes, heavy-duty special-purpose vehicles of up to 250 tonnes gross vehicle weight, city and intercity buses and tourist coaches plus diesel and natural gas engines.

This success story demonstrates that the development of soft skills like time management or personal productivity, through a video game is effective to increase the employee motivation. And, above all, necessary to address new market challenges with the right employee performance.


  • To develop quality training with guaranteed turn learning into a real, useful and applicable tool.
  • To connect training and success for achieving a successful employee engagement training.
  • To turn the initiative into a social experience, besides creating a personal and collective challenge.
  • To achieve unified training, with a homogeneous message, but within a workforce with great geographic dispersion.


  • The use of a simulator that allows employees to practice and test the skills learned and receive personalized feedback with tips for improvement.
  • Every skills has been turned into a combination of applicable techniques, strategies and tools which employees can develop into a safe environment.
  • The use of gamification techniques like storytelling, challenges, levels and badges to improve the employee motivation during the training.
  • Game-based learning allows to resolve the issue of geographic dispersion because only a device with Internet connection is required.