Vestas is adapting to the changing wind power sector thanks to game-based learning with Merchants


“Gamelearn has the value of other e-learning platforms, but with added elements of competition among players, engagement and personalized feedback. Overall, it is an enhanced version of these e-learning platforms.”

Carlos Molinero, Director of Human Resources at Vestas

CompanyVestas, Renewable energies
TrainingVestas is adapting to the changing wind power sector thanks to game-based learning with Merchants
Skills DevelopedContinuous Learning, self-confidence, communicating effectively, steady focus, conflict management, innovation and creativity, leadership, negotiation, drive to deliver results, analytical thinking, planning, organizing and coordinating, problem solving, tolerance to pressure, decision-making, customer service.
ProgramPeriod: 2016-2017. Trained employees: 500
Serious GamesMerchants, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Serious Game


The Danish company Vestas is the world’s top wind power company. With over 24,000 employees in 76 countries, Vestas specializes in the design, manufacture, sales, installation and maintenance of wind turbines.

To remain in this position of leadership, Vestas has adapted to the sweeping changes that the industry has undergone in recent years. Particularly starting in 2009, as wind power buyers went from a model based on direct negotiation between two parties (often with subsidized prices) to a tender-based system.

This radical transformation in wind power service sales, contracts and maintenance has entailed an enormous challenge for the company’s human resources team.


  • Train employees in negotiation to ensure an optimum adaptation to the changes in the renewable energies sector.
  • Provide worldwide personnel with a fully flexible training method in multiple languages and across a broad geographic scope.
  • Upgrade the interpersonal skills (soft skills) of employees, thus strengthening the company’s human capital.


  • This serious game based on the Harvard approach to negotiation is a perfect fit for the model change that the wind power industry has been undergoing.
  • Learning by doing. The video game not only presents the best negotiating techniques but also lets employees practice them from the very outset.
  • Ensure that employees can manage their own training.
  • An online, flexible, multi-device and multi-language course. Merchants also met the challenge to offer the greatest flexibility to employees. For Vestas, this aspect was and still is essential.


  • Sales increase (in 2016) 21.5%
  • Completion rate 95%
  • Course recommendation rate 95,2%
  • Applicability rate 99%