Game-based learning: the first online training solution that does not require promotion

“Unlike previous training programs, with Gamelearn’s solutions we have never had to promote online training to employees.”

Yolanda Otero, Head of Leadership Training and Knowledge Management

CompanyAXA, Insurance and financial services
TrainingGame-based learning: the first online training solution that does not require promotion
Skills DevelopedContinuous Learning, self-confidence, coaching, communicating effectively, work-life balance, steady focus, change management, conflict management, innovation and creativity, leadership, negotiation, drive to deliver results, analytical thinking, planning, organizing and coordinating, problem solving, tolerance to pressure, decision-making, teamwork.
ProgramPeriod: 2011 – Present. Trained employees: +400
Serious GamesMerchants, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Serious Game
Pacific, Serious Game on Leadership and Team Management

Triskelion, Time Management & Personal Productivity Serious Game


AXA Seguros has created an authentic development path in transversal skills for its employees. Through Gamelearn’s game-based learning courses, the insurance company has discovered an attractive and effective way to lay the foundation for employee training in soft skills..

Thus, Pacific, Merchants and Triskelion have become the company’s core training
programs for leadership, negotiation and productivity. Using game-based learning, the Human Resources Department has hit upon a solution that guarantees ‘learning by doing’ and that is capable of engaging employees.


  • To promote self-learning and self-development in transversal skills in a standardized and attractive way.


  • The fact that game-based learning is provided online means that employees can set their own pace for development, deciding when, where and with what device to do the training.
  • The gamification techniques used increase employee engagement with learning. And because they are more motivated by games and the competition this generates, they are far more likely to complete each course.
  • Learning by doing: simulators have been the distinguishing feature for AXA. Using case studies that simulate reality, participants develop the relevant skills in a safe environment, thus boosting their self-confidence.