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Learn to be more assertive

Just hours before Christmas Eve dinner with his family, an unusual surprise leaves Jose Gabriel without his Christmas turkey.

In a race against time, Jose Gabriel sets off on a wild adventure through Mexico City, having run-ins with all sorts of different characters, to try to get his hands on the prized dish. The fate of Christmas Eve will rest on his ability to face conflicts, communicate assertively, and tell people “no” with conviction.

Serious game sobre asertividad

Why Christmas?

Christmas is aimed at anyone looking to improve the way they approach interpersonal relationships, defend their own interests, and assert their opinions. The material is applicable and useful in both professional and personal settings. Thanks to this course, you will:

• Identify and understand the three behavior types when dealing with conflict (passive, aggressive, or assertive).
• Learn to deal with conflict in an assertive way.
• Discover the four-step method for crafting an assertive message.
• Learn how to say “no” assertively and stick to it.

Course content

The program teaches all personality types how to best show assertiveness in different situations:

• Benefits of assertiveness.
• Types of attitude: passive, aggressive, assertive.
• How to deal with conflicts in a more assertive way.
• Steps to building an assertive message.
• Tips on saying “no” and sticking to it.

With the help of Christmas’ realistic simulators, the game stimulates effective learning by allowing users to practice the main concepts necessary to come off as more assertive:

• Effective communication, empathy, interpersonal relationships, problem-solving, decisiveness.

• Self-confidence, self-control, self-awareness, focus, flexibility, impact and influence, initiative.

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Juan Tinoco
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Sabrina Robin
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