Game-based learning clients from industrial sector

Results: 90% of the employees finished the course. 91.1% would recommend it and 97.7% considered it applicable to their jobs.

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“Gamelearn has the value of other e-learning platforms, but with added elements of competition among players, engagement and personalized feedback. Overall, it is an enhanced version of these e-learning platforms.”

Carlos Molinero
Director of Human Resources

“We can provide something both fun and modern to adventure a litle further into the digital era, instead of just offering a classroom training.”

Sabrina Robin
CAP Coordinator

“One of the biggest challenges is finding and retaining talent with attractive learning methods within Dometic. In order to do that, you don’t only need a variety of topics, but also a wide range of methods. Reading a PDF document can no longer be the only learning technique.”

Kerstin Klockenbrink
Head of Dometic Academy

“I’ve tried other game-based learning products, but the way that Gamelearn captures your interest is very hard to match.”

Urmila Mukherjee
Training and Development Manager

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Advantages and benefits of elearning

In this chart you can find the most relevant advantages of elearning and game base learning platforms like gamelearn