game-based learning platform for corporate training

The corporate training platform that generates engagement in your employees

Why video games?

Increases leadership
Improves decision-making
Optimizes time and task management
Boosts conflict resolution
Improves communication

What sets Gamelearn apart?

Useful content:

Skills with a direct impact: leadership, negotiation, time management, personal productivity and customer service.

Skills turned into a set of tools, strategies and techniques which are directly applicable.


Storytelling, badges and levels to generate ‘engagement’.

Rankings and challenges to increase motivation in the participant.

Game-based learning:

Sophisticated simulators representing real situations.

Safe environment for the employee to practice and receive feedback for improvement.

Invest in effectiveness. Reduce cost.

Gamelearn Platform, 94% completion
E-learning courses 25% completion
MOOCs 6-10% completion

Game-based learning platform for corporate training

Customizable content.
Universal access: Only an Internet connection is required.
Cloud Service: No further installation of software.
Multilanguage: Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch.
Multi-device: PCs, tablets, smartphones…
Use our platform or your own LMS*.

*Fully compatible with: Cornerstone – Success Factors – Sum Total

Our serious games

Serious game on leadership and team management:


A practical, step by step, guide on how to manage high-performance teams.

Serious game on time and personal productivity management:


An adventure full of challenges to create your own time management system.

The skills that make your company grow

1. Continuous Learning pacificmerchantstriskelion2100
2. Self-Confidencepacificmerchantstriskelion2100
3. Self-Controlpacificmerchantstriskelion2100
4. Self-Awarenesspacificmerchantstriskelion2100
5. Information Seekingpacificmerchantstriskelion2100
6. Coachingpacific2100
7. Communicating Effectivelypacificmerchants2100
8. Work-Life Balancepacifictriskelion
9. Steady Focuspacificmerchantstriskelion
10. Flexibilitypacificmerchantstriskelion2100
11. Change Managementpacifictriskelion
12. Conflict Managementpacificmerchants2100
13. Impact and Influencepacificmerchants
14. Initiativepacificmerchantstriskelion2100
15. Innovation and Creativitypacificmerchantstriskelion2100
16. Integritypacificmerchantstriskelion2100
17. Leadershippacificmerchantstriskelion
18. Negotiationpacificmerchants2100
19. Drive to Deliver Resultspacificmerchantstriskelion
20. Analytical Thinkingpacificmerchants
21. Planning, Organizing and Coordinatingpacificmerchantstriskelion
22. Problem Solvingpacificmerchantstriskelion2100
23. Tolerance to Pressurepacificmerchantstriskelion2100
24. Decision-Makingpacificmerchantstriskelion2100
25. Teamworkpacificmerchantstriskelion
26. Customer Servicepacificmerchants2100


Game-based training

Learning should not mean rote memorization. Actually it means acquiring the skills needed to improve as an individual in a variety of situations.

The game-based training allows a group of people to share a practical gamified learning experience and does not require all its students meeting in one place at any given time .

Gamification techniques included in our products make game- based training users to motivate themselves  through competition, dipping them into a learning experience that transcends that of a traditional e-learning course.

Game-based learning

Game-based learning ensures skills learning because students are able to put skills into practice and learn from their own situations, decisions, and mistakes. Improving soft skills is really hard to do by just reading a manual. Readers learn the techniques but do not acquire the skill itself.

In a game-based learning format students overcome different game levels and, through this process, the game ensures each level of delivered educational content is actually learned. In short, the student learns the skill by practicing and improving, so at the end of the course he will be able to put the skill into practice in a real situation.

Game-based learning ensures not only skills learning but also builds self confidence. During the game the student understands how to use the skills and how to apply them in the different simulated situations in a safe and zero risk environment thanks to its one-to one nature.

Game-based learning in corporate training

In a new era of corporate training, frequently terms like gamification and game-based learning are used as synonyms. While both enhance motivation and engagement, only the game-based learning aspect is linked to the cognitive-improvement area of the course where the learning and development happens; gamification simply refers to the techniques used to increase motivation, make training fun, engage students and improve completion rates.

In brief, the quality of game-based learning corporate training depends on the quality of the course content and on the level of interaction that allows students to practice and learn while playing.

Game-based learning for soft skills development

Soft skills are personal attributes that enable effective individual interactions and, accordingly, enhance career development and job performance. Game-based learning products are especially suited to soft skills training because of the way soft skills learned. Soft skills have to be practiced in order to be learned.

In traditional instructor-led training, the instructor would have participants engage in role playing games and other activities to practice and learn soft skills. With the advent of online game-based learning, students are able to do the same in a virtual world unharnessed by physical limitations like a classroom.

Gamification and corporate training

The use of gamification elements is getting increasingly commonplace in corporate training. The use of gamification or game-like elements in virtual learning environments increases students motivation and completion rates.

Gamification benefits has a higher impact when applied to video game format courses.  Video games create an attractive environment that enhances learning and motivate students to progress. The use of gamification elements and videogames in corporate training has particular benefits. They are able to pursue together the same objective living a common learning adventure.

Serious games in corporate training

Serious games or educational games for corporate training, are games designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment. Originally serious games were designed for technical skills development, in sectors like medicine, military or aviation. The use of serious games in corporate training is relatively recent, however it is forecasted to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the training industry.

Well-designed serious (educational) games for corporate training, make learning fun, challenging and rewarding. Learners do not realize that they are learning when engaged in a game. Serious games are used in corporate training in a variety of subjects.

Despite the fact that it is a relatively new term in the training industry, the results have already been very positive. Serious games enhance knowledge acquisition and skills development by facing the learner to different situations, challenges and problems..

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