Top 6 training and development apps (at least one will surprise you)

Top 6 training and development apps  (at least one will surprise you)
Gamelearn Team

Employees are increasingly using the top training and development apps to continue advancing their careers. For decades, training was carried out in the classroom and, more recently, on computers; but today (and in the future) everything points to a significant number of new concepts and skills being learned on our smartphones or tablets.

To do this, here is a list of the top training and development apps:


This famous learning platform offers courses, degrees, and masters from the world’s top universities and educational institutions. The courses last between four and ten weeks and include tests, exercises, and final projects. Currently, some of the most popular ones are on machine learning, mathematical thinking, bitcoin, English, and financial markets. Coursera has 28 million users, further proof of the enormous interest this platform has generated around the world.


Udemy offers nearly 65,000 courses focusing on skills, programs, and software that can improve a student’s technical capacity. Courses are given through videos, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and audio recordings. Some of its most popular courses are on using Photoshop, developing websites, creating video games, business administration, and a comprehensive Java class. Its wide range of courses makes it an excellent training and development tool.


When it comes to learning languages, few apps can compete with Duolingo. With a linguistic offer of up to 23 languages and nearly 200 million users, this platform allows you to practice from the start and learn in a natural way. It also includes gamification techniques to help you engage in language learning as if it were a game.

TED Talks

If you like inspirational talks, you’ll love this app, which features some of the best events organized by the non-profit organization TED (technology, entertainment, design). These short talks, lasting between 15 and 25 minutes, include all sorts of innovative ideas regarding economics, education, science, design, politics, culture, and business. Some of its most popular videos, with tens of millions of hits, cover issues such as creativity and school, leadership, and communication. This is another fantastic app for professional training and development.


Founded in 1995, Lynda offers an extensive catalog of video tutorials on the use of design, video, animation, and business programs. Some of its most popular courses can make you an expert in InDesign, Excel, JavaScript, HTML, Premier Pro, or WordPress. The company was bought in 2015 by LinkedIn, so many of its video tutorials are now available on LinkedIn Learning.

ATD Publications

If you want to stay up to date with the best training and development publications, the ATD (Association for Talent Development), one of the most prestigious and influential institutions in the sector, makes all the content you’ll need on the latest trends and best practices available through this app. You can consult the latest issues of the ATD magazine, its latest reports on the sector, and everything regarding its famous annual conference.

Gamelearn is the world leader in the development of video games for corporate training. With more than 15 years of experience, it has become the benchmark for game-based learning and the foremost trend within the L&D sector.

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