Gamification Case Study: CaixaBank


“Competing and playing bring out the best in you. And by bringing out the best in you, you assimilate the information better and then you use it in your day-to-day work.”

José Miguel Mejías, Debt Collection Director at CaixaBank Consumer Finance

CompanyCaixaBank Consumer Finance
TrainingGame-based learning to improve employees’ negotiation skills
Skills DevelopedContinuous learning, self-confidence, information seeking, communicating effectively, steady focus, flexibility, conflict management, innovation and creativity, leadership, negotiation, drive to deliver results, analytical thinking, planning, organizing and coordinating, problem solving, tolerance to pressure, decision-making.
ProgramPeriod: 2016. Employees trained: 262
Serious GamesMerchants, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Serious Game


With more than 32,000 employees and almost 14 million clients, CaixaBank is Spain’s third largest financial institution in terms of assets. Its subsidiary, CaixaBank Consumer Finance, specializes in consumer and business financing and the provision of consumer credit. CaixaBank Consumer Finance collaborates with over 11,000 businesses and has financed the purchases and projects of more than five million private individuals.

In a quest to train and develop its employees’ talent, in January 2016 the company began to implement a game-based learning program. The aim was to strengthen the staff’s negotiation skills in order to improve the company’s financial performance. Accordingly, CaixaBank Consumer Finance set about finding an attractive, alternative and innovative learning format that would motivate employees and increase their engagement.


  • Provide innovative and alternative training.
  • Implement a uniform training programin different regions.
  • Strengthen the staff’s negotiation skills in order to improve the company’s financial performance.


  • The online, multi-platform format (available for PC, tablet and mobile devices) means that the training can be provided in all regions where the company is present, thus reducing costs and giving employees the freedom to complete the course at their own pace.
  • Unlike other online courses based on slides and tests, Merchants’ sophisticated negotiation simulator enables the staff of CaixaBank Consumer Finance to get real hands-on practice in a safe environment, without putting the company at risk.
  • The game-based learning and gamification format (rankings, storytelling, levels and
    badges) ensures that employees are motivated and engaged.


  • 40% Annual increase in new business acquisition.
  • 15% Annual increase in revenue generated by the company’s 20 largest agreements.
  • 25% Increase in the number of sales reps using the company’s incentive program.
  • 2.46% Record reduction in the default rate, the best result in recent years.