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“Competing and playing bring out the best in you. And by bringing out the best in you, you assimilate the information better and then you use it in your day-to-day work.”

José Miguel Mejías
Debt Collection Director

"The video game makes it easy for employees to bring what they learn directly to their jobs. They almost immediately see it in their day-to-day and it helps them change the way they do things."

Gloria Arias Martínez
Personnel Management

"Gamification provides a better way to capture the attention of students, particularly for the more boring aspects of the training."

Carlos Gallardo Flores
Training Director

“Unlike previous training programs, with Gamelearn’s solutions we have never had to promote online training to employees.”

Yolanda Otero
Head of Leadership Training and Knowledge Management

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Advantages and benefits of elearning

In this chart you can find the most relevant advantages of elearning and game base learning platforms like gamelearn