Plataforma game-based learning para la formación corporativa

One of our main goals is to make learning fun again. As children, we all learned by playing. As we get older; however, learning becomes more of a chore–something rarely enjoyed. 

We believe that learning is most effective when having fun, and we’re trying to bring this method of learning to companies worldwide.

The most award-winning game-based learning platform in the world

Our innovative methods and serious games have already received a number of the top accolades in the corporate training sector.
Best Authoring Tool
EdTech Awards 2021
2020 Steve Awards®
for Great Employers
Gold medal 2020
Serius Play Conference
Virtual south summit 2020
in Education
Bronze Brandom Hall
Excelence Award Winner 2019
Gold medal 2019
International Serious Play Awards - Global
Silver stevie winner 2019
stevie awards - USA
Estrella de oro a la excelencia 2018
instituto para la excelencia profesional
Best use of games for learning 2018
brandon hall - USA
50 most impactful eduTech leaders
world education congress - Global
Leader business excelence 2018
the bizz - Global
Company business excelence 2018
the bizz - Global
Best training platform 2018
aenoa - Spain
Gold stevie winner 2018
stevie awards - USA
Best innovation solution 2017
apel - Spain
Top 20 training company 2017
training industry - USA
Gold stevie winner 2017
stevie awards - USA
Excellence in technology 2017
brandon hall group - USA
Silver medal ncm excellence 2017
brandon hall group - USA
Business excelence 2017
the bizz - Global
eLearning! champion 2017
eLearning! Media Group - USA
Silver - excellence in technology 2017
brandon hall technology - USA
Innovación rrhh e&e 2016
expansión - Spain
Top 20 training company 2016
training industry - USA
Best of eLearning! 2016
eLearning! media group - USA
Brandon hall excellence 2016
brandon hall group - USA
Learning design challenge 2016
training magazine - USA
LearnX impact awards 2016
learnX - Australia
eLearning! champion 2016
eLearning! Media Group - USA
Game of the year 2016
bex institute - Ireland
Serious play awards 2016
serious play association - Global
Brandon hall excellence 2015
brandon hall group - USA
Best of eLearning! 2015
eLearning! media group - USA
Top 20 training company 2015
training industry - USA
Best of eLearning! 2014
eLearning! media group - USA
Top 20 training company 2014
training industry - USA
Innovación rrhh e&e
expansión - Spain
Top 5 startup south summit 2013
spain startup summit - Spain
Best service cipd manchester 2012
cipd manchester exhibition - UK
Top 10 european startup
san francisco demo night - USA

The story of Gamelearn

Gamelearn was the world’s first company to sell online serious games for corporate training.

Our founders revolutionized the corporate training world, earning us multiple awards and international recognition.

At first, companies were reluctant to give us a chance, taking many years for us to overcome a stagnant sector.

Many thought our products were a joke, believing Gamelearn would never survive. 

Boy, were they wrong! We’ve become undisputed leaders in the training sector, in large part thanks to our vision, the quality and innovative nature of our products, and our team of exceptionally talented people.

Gamelearn Special Event

We celebrate all the latest developments of the year with our customers.

Every year, we organize an event for our clients full of spectacular surprises to celebrate the goals they helped us achieve.

In this event, we present the latest developments of the year and attendees can chat with our team.

Placing their trust in us

Trusted us

Javier Torremocha, founding partner of Kibo Ventures, “Gamelearn represents an enormous opportunity. The company has a great product, global approach and very solid economic units in a highly attractive market”

Trusted us

The ‘Pacific’ project was co-funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism within the scope of Spain’s National Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation Plan for 2013-2016. EXP: TSI-100900-2014-61

Trusted us

National Program for the Promotion of Talent and Its Employability, included in the National Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation Plan for 2013-2016

Trusted us

The Spanish Ministry of Industry is helping us explore new markets with its Target USA program

Trusted us

Funding for technological innovation, aid for technology and subventions for technology RD&I (Research, Development and Innovation) development projects certify us as among the top innovative companies

Trusted us

Enisa’s support demonstrates our financial soundness and constantly improving competitiveness, operating processes, and decision-making capabilities

Trusted us

Our RD&I program is backed by the Ministry of Industry through the National Research and Innovation Plan for creating ideas and generating competitive advantages


Trusted us
Trusted us