Game-based Learning Case Study: LG

“It’s a very innovative way to do a training, and in a very efficient way because people learn by doing”

Miguel Ángel Carro, Logistics Manager at LG Spain

CompanyLG Electronics Spain
International Company of Consumer Electronics
285 employees
TrainingProgram for the Raise of ‘Engagement’ and Productivity of LG
Skills DevelopedNegotiation, communication, conflict resolution, change management, time management, planning, organization, personal productivity, analytical thinking, initiative, creativity, decision making, customer service
240 trained employees
MediumGame-based learning platform by Gamelearn


LG Electronics becomes one of the first companies to implement the videogame as a tool to increase the ‘engagement’ of its employees.

Its innovative nature has led them to commit to the serious games of Gamelearn with the aim of raising the “engagement” of its workforce through innovation.

And the final result has surpassed all initial expectations:

The level of ‘engagement’ of the employee has been improved by a 19%, which translates into an increase in staff productivity.


  • To adapt the innovative spirit of LG to a training strategy.
  • To select content with a direct impact on the work of each employee and the way they interact with the client.
  • To understand and address the main needs and professional concerns of LG’s employees so as to increase their motivation.
  • To facilitate self-training to the participant.
  • To find a training solution adapted to the digital revolution affecting the market.


  • The serious games of Gamelearn stand out as pioneers in the development of skills such as negotiation, time management or leadership.
  • The skills to be worked on have become a set of techniques, strategies and tools with a high degree of applicability to the workplace.
  • The program has been designed with the aim of facilitating personal and professional development to the employee as the best tool for motivation.
  • The serious games are hosted on a “game-based learning” platform with online access, allowing employees to self-manage their learning.
  • The commitment to game-based learning as the learning methodology with the highest growth rate (22%) over the next 5 years.


improvement in the level of ‘engagement’
increase in productivity
completion ratio
over 10 in average evaluation