Gamelearn, Awarded Among the 20 Best Training Companies in the World for the Second Consecutive Year

Gamelearn, Awarded Among the 20 Best Training Companies in the World for the Second Consecutive Year

The prestigious online publication Training Industry has released the list of the Top 20 best gamification companies in 2015. For the second consecutive year, Gamelearn has one of the privileged positions in this select list.

This award recognizes the work and excellence of Gamelearn as a company committed to the use of gamification and games oriented to the development and training of both companies and individuals.

Their two courses in video game format, Merchants and Triskelion, aimed towards the training on negotiation skills and time management skills respectively, have got the recognition of the judges responsible for choosing the winners, who have highlighted “the characteristics and enormous potential” of both Serious Games.

The presence of Gamelearn in this list, for the second consecutive year and being this the second edition so far, reaffirms the stage of international expansion being experienced by the company specializing in the development of game-based learning methodology.

And this has been recognized by Training Industry, emphasizing “the enormous growth potential, geographic scope and quality and number of Gamelearn’s customers” as reasons for their choice.

Also, the “competitive differentiation” of the creators of Merchants, Triskelion and Pacific (this Serious Game on Leadership and Team Management will be launched shortly) was the last key factor to get them once again among the Top 20 Training Industry.

Gamelearn keeps revolutionizing e-learning training with its innovative and exclusive bet, based on the combination of high quality content with a fundamentally practical approach, an advanced simulator and gamification techniques in a single format: a videogame.

With the launch of our next Serious Game on Leadership and Team Management, Pacific, just around the corner, this award supports our position as a leader and a model in company training through video games, and encourages us to embark on future projects we already have in mind,” says Ibrahim Jabary, CEO at Gamelearn.

Gamelearn is the world leader in the development of video games for corporate training. With more than 15 years of experience, it has become the benchmark for game-based learning and the foremost trend within the L&D sector.

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